Workshop on Future District

Heating and Cooling Systems


ACM eEnergy 2017

May 16, 2017, Hong Kong

The OPTi project has received funding from the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme of the European Union under grant number 649796


District heating and cooling systems (DHC) are a proven energy solution that has been deployed for many years in a growing number of urban areas worldwide. They comprise a variety of technologies that seek to develop synergies between the production and supply of heat, cooling, domestic hot water and electricity. Although the benefits of DHC systems are significant and have been widely acclaimed, yet the full potential of modern DHC systems remains largely untapped. There are several opportunities for growth, refurbishment and development of new, more efficient, intelligent and cheaper DHC systems, which will enable the effective exploitation and gradually the inclusion of alternative renewable resources, waste heat recovery, thermal storage, heat pumps, data centers etc., in order to increase the overall efficiency and facilitate the transition towards the next generation of DHC systems. The goal of this workshop is to bring together speakers and an audience from academia and industry to highlight the challenges and opportunities for inter-disciplinary research in the area of DHC systems. This is the second edition of this workshop. Previous workshop was held at IEEE SmartGridComm 2016.

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Workshop Schedule

  • 1400-1430: Kumar Saurav & Vikas Chandan; Gray-Box Approach for Thermal Modelling of Buildings for Applications in District Heating and Cooling Networks
  • 1430-1500: Saptarshi Bhattacharya, Vikas Chandan, Vijay Arya & Koushik Kar; DReAM: Demand Response Architecture for Multi-level District Heating and Cooling Networks
  • 1500-1530: Sambaran Bandyopadhyay, Kalyan Dasgupta, Vijay Arya, Sathyajith Mathew & Iskandar Petra; Energy-Efficiency Potential of Behavioral Initiatives: An Experimental Case Study from Brunei
  • 1530-1600: Anamitra Roy Choudhury; Demand Forecasting in DHC-network using machine learning model
  • 1600-1630: Break
  • 1630 onwards: Panel Discussion



Ramachandra Kota

IBM Research, India



Shivkumar Kalyanaraman

IBM Research, India

Jagabondhu Hazra

IBM Research, India